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Appendix J - Keyword List N

In order to review the section material, it is necessary to open the applicable section of Volume I. To find the word in the list either scroll down or use the Edit-Find feature (Ctrl-F for PC users).

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Nails Body Grooming Design Requirements

Name plates Equipment Identification Design Requirements

Narrow band hearing Narrow-Band Long-Term Hearing Conservation Noise Exposure Requirements

Narrow band noise Narrow-Band Long-Term Hearing Conservation Considerations Narrow-Band Annoyance Noise Exposure Requirements

Nasal congestion Olfaction

Neutral body posture Microgravity Effects Design Considerations Body Posture Design Considerations

3.3.4 Neutral Body Posture Window Configuration Design Considerations Workstation Restraints and Mobility Aid Design Requirements

Night vision Night Vision Abnormalities Design Considerations

No hands input/output Maintenance Workstation Design Considerations

Noise Noise Design Considerations General Adjacency Design Considerations Specific Adjacency Design Considerations

10.4.3 Individual Crew Quarters Design Requirements Overall Galley and Wardroom Layout Design Requirements

10.6.2 Meeting Facility Design Considerations Exercise Environment Design Requirements Medical Communications/Computing Design Requirements

10.10.2 Laundry Facility Design Considerations

13.2.2 Housekeeping Design Considerations Vacuum Cleaning Design Requirements

Noise annoyance Annoyance Effects of Noise Annoyance Criteria Considerations Short-Term Annoyance Noise Criteria Considerations Long-Term Annoyance Noise Criteria Considerations

Noise canceling microphones Speech Transmission Equipment Design Requirements

Noise control

5.4.4 Example Acoustics Design Solutions Noise Control at the Source

Noise damage Noise Design Considerations Human Responses to Noise Design Considerations

Noise environment

5.4.3 Acoustics Design Requirements

Noise exposure Hearing Conservation Criteria Considerations

Noise exposure limits

5.4.2 Acoustics Design Considerations Physiological Effects of Noise Noise Exposure Limits Considerations Hearing Conservation Noise Exposure Requirements

Noise interference Performance Effects of Noise

Noise level criteria Direct Voice Communications Noise Exposure Requirements

Noise levels Acoustic Environments Design Considerations Annoyance Effects of Noise

5.4.3 Acoustics Design Requirements Wide-Band Long-Term Hearing Conservation Noise Exposure Requirements Wide-Band Short-Term Hearing Conservation Noise Exposure Requirements

Noise limits Narrow-Band Long-Term Hearing Conservation Noise Exposure Requirements

Noise measurements Measurement of Noise Levels

Noise reduction Noise Reduction For Equipment Upgrades

5.4.4 Example Acoustics Design Solutions Control of Noise Path Transmission

Noise shields Speech Transmission Equipment Design Requirements

Noise source Noise Control at the Source

Noise types Noise Exposure Requirements

Nonionizing radiation sources Sources of Nonionizing Radiation

Non-entry areas Design Requirements for Data Forms/Form Filling

Nonionizing radiation Types of Nonionizing Radiation Human Responses to Nonionizing Radiation Nonionizing Radiation Exposure Limits

Nonionizing radiation protection Nonionizing Radiation Protection Design Requirements

Nonadjacent crew stations Nonadjacent Crew Stations Design Requirements

Nonconductive tools Special Tool Features Design Requirements

Nondisposable air filters Air Filter Design Requirements

Non-exercise countermeasures Non-exercise Countermeasures Non-exercise Countermeasures Design Requirements

Non-fixed handles Non-fixed Handles Design Requirements

Nonionizing radiation standards EVA Touch Temperature and Pressure Design Requirements EVA Radiation Dosage Design Requirements

Nonoptical surfaces Material

Nonpropulsive Vacuum Cleaning Design Requirements

Non-radiographic imaging Diagnostic Imaging

Nonsparking tools Special Tool Features Design Requirements

Nonstandard tools Tool-Actuated Fastener Design Requirements

Nonstructural closures

11.4.3 Closures and Covers Design Requirements

Nontorquing Vacuum Cleaning Design Requirements

Normoxic line Gas Environment Design Considerations

Number keypad Layout

Number symbol Special Character Design Requirements

Numbering Design Requirements for Scrolling

Numbers Design Requirements for Format

Numerals Character Width Design Requirements


7.2.2 Nutrition Food Design Requirements

Nutrition program Goal of Nutrition Program Design Considerations Example Nutritional Program

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